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Everything Counts

Tappa Group activity competitions should be an event for all employees, regardless of the individual’s physical starting point. We feel that it is important to increase the focus on the everyday activities when addressing the element of physical activity. Through our engaging concepts we highlight the possibilities that are around us all, and how they may help us to become more active in our everyday life. By this means we argue that all physical activity should count! In our competitions the individuals themselves can choose which activities they want to perform in order to be more physically active in their daily life.   

Health and teambuilding

An activity competition in the workplace leads to many positive effects both physically and mentally. Based upon our own experience of hosting activity competitions and newer studies, it becomes clear that in order to start being more physically active and to stay motivated over time the element of social support is essential. Our activity competitions are facilitated as a team event at the workplace. This is the reason our concepts contribute to increase the coherence and team spirit among the employees.

The employees will together as a team push each other towards a common goal.  The goal is visualized on our competition pages and communicated throughout the competition. 

We believe physical activity should be fun

Many people who struggle to get more active and start living healthier can often have the perspective that physical activity is synonymous with pain and agony. This is of course not true, but in order to motivate and trigger change we dedicate our programs to be:  fun, engaging and effective.

Tappa Group has the opinion that physical activity doesn’t have to be synonymous with terrific pain and agony. Our concepts It has many ways to preserve and improve sound health, but the offer also includes those among us that are not sufficiently physical active.