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News: Health Barometer

Health and lifestyle survey


Newly developed online health and lifestyle survey – Effective health promoting measures for Organizations!

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In order to be able to prepare and implement good and effective health promoting measures for the employees, real information is demanded about the current workplace. The Health Barometer offers a simple, user friendly and a holistic overview of factors that affect the workplace in a positive and a negative direction.


The Health Barometer differs from most other traditional mapping; since it is based on a more holistic approach to health and lifestyle. The survey is also based on newer research and includes a variety of six factors.

  • Newly developed online health and lifestyle survey
  • Based on newer research
  • Presents a good overview of factors that affect the employees and the workplace
  • A profitable and helpful tool to describe effects of health promotion work over time
  • Can be combined with an activity competition

About the survey   Why a survey

Bengt Fridlund

Bengt Fridlund

The survey is developed in co-operation with Bengt Fridlund, professor at Jönköping University.

Bengt Fridlund has 30 years of experience with health promotion work and preventive work against health ailments.