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About the Health Barometer

The Health Barometer is composed of 72 questions divided over six categories and takes approximately 20 minutes.

  • Feedback on the individual and business level
  • ”Direct feedback” functionality
  • Interactive radar diagram function
  • Opportunity for in-depth analysis with suggestions for action
  • Combines the survey with an activity competition —> target the health effects.
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INDIVIDUAL FEEDBACK. The employees can easily register on our website where they receive access to the survey. With help of the analysis tool ”Direct feedback” each employee will have direct access to the results after the survey is answered.

Individual feedback contains:

  • Individual report (can be exported to pdf format)
  • Clear feedback on current lifestyle
  • Opportunity to compare results with previous mappings
  • ”Direct feedback” functionality
Individuell tilbakemelding

ORGANIZATIONAL FEEDBACK. With help of ”Direct feedback”, the organization follows the development of the survey as each is being responded to. The organization can set up individual reports and implement different comparisons with the help of a functional analysis tool. The analysis tool will of course protect the individuals anonymity.

The analysis tool contains:

  • Overview and status of all surveys conducted
  • Opportunity to set up individual reports
  • Opportunity to comppare results over time
  • Interactive radar diagram function
  • Comparison of groups with analysis parameters
  • ”Direct feedback” functionality
Bedriftens tilbakemelding

IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS FOR LARGER WORKPLACES.At larger workplaces the needs often present themselves differently than in small and middle sized businesses, and it becomes necessary with a wider analysis. Tappa Service can offer a more in-depth analysis that takes several diverse variables and makes comparisons. On the basis of this analysis, you will receive concrete action proposals for the workplace.

The analysis is carried out by Professor Bengt Fridlund who has over 30 years of experience from this field.

Why this kind of survey