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Activity competitions

  • Compete against workplaces and private individuals from your country
  • Health and lifestyle advice underway in the competition
  • Drawing of great prizes
  • Available in: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany & Netherlands

We organize larger National Physical Actvity Campaigns in Sweden,
Norway, Denmark, Germany and Netherlands.

Tappa Service AB`s national activity competitions are available for registration for workplaces and private individuals from across the specific country. Here it is possible to compete both internally and against other workplaces and participants.

IN OUR NATIONAL COMPETITIONS we make exciting and motivating routes and concepts that span a set period of time. Teams are formed at the workplace, and the goal is reaching a predetermined city or location with the competition period. goal before the This is normally accomplished by performing an average of 10,000 steps per day.

During the competition winners of partgoal prizes are also drawn as well as travel gift cards at the finish.

A CONCEPT THAT IS SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE. While traditional activity measures are mainly aimed at those who are already physically active, Tappa Group wishes to offer a concept that suits everyone. Our concepts are based on the recommendations for physical activity from The World Health Organization, an activity level that is equivalent to 10,000 steps per day, or approximately 30 minutes of additional physical activity daily.

ONLINE ACTIVITY COMPETITION. All of our activity competitions are based on an online solution where the employees register activity on a personal website and move toward a goal on a virtual map.

TEAMBUILDING. Experience shows that one of the most important elements in order to get started with physical activity and maintain motivation is social support, which is why the competition is organized as a team activity at the workplace.

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More than 66 000 people participated last year in our National Campaigns!