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Why implement an

Activity competition

600 000 Europeans employees have until now participated in an activity competition under the auspices of Tappa Group. Common for everyone is an increased level of activity and great enthusiasm surrounding the competition!


PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND WORK LIFE. All of our concepts are based on the recommendations for physical activity from The German Directorate of Health . In order to reach health benefits The German Directorate of Health recommends a daily level of activity of 10,000 steps, which corresponds to approximately 30 minutes of additional physical activity every day. With help from a pedometer and the activity table on , you can calculate your daily level of activity. Every activity counts!

HEALTH AND TEAM BUILDING. Experience shows that one of the most important elements in order to get started with physical activity, and maintain the motivation, is social support. Therefore, the competition is adapted as a team activity at the workplace. You will as a team work together toward a common goal. Positive for team building and work environment.

An average office worker has a level of activity that corresponds to 5000 steps daily.

WORK ENVIRONMENT AND SICK LEAVE. A level of activity of 10,000 steps per day will have positive affects on, for instance, diabetes, muscle and skeletal ailments, as well as anxiety and depressions. Physical activity will give healthier and more employees in good condition, which in turn can contribute to greater well-being and a better work environment. This makes the employees better equipped to master stress and tackle work tasks on the job.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY WITH TAPPA.DE. We have a focus on our activity competitions being inclusive measures in which everyone can participate, despite physical starting point.

Traditional male activity measures are directed toward those who already are physically active; Dytt would like to offer a concept that fits EVERYONE! The competition should therefore both be easy, fun and engaging, as well as challenging enough so that participation provides health benefits!