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Tappa Group is a provider of wellness services for organizations who prioritize their employees’ health. We organize both activity competitions for organizations as well as health and lifestyle mapping through our new Health Barometer.

Our products are suitable for small, medium and large international organizations and can easily be tailored to fit our customer’s needs.



Activity competitions

Healthier, happier and more productive employees
  • Fits all regardless of starting point
  • Easy, fun and engaging
  • One goal for all employees
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Health Barometer

Health and lifestyle mapping of the workplace
  • Gives a good overview of the health and lifestyle at work
  • Gives each individual feedback and advice on current
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Why is it important for an organization to promote health?

Human capital is one of a business’s main resources to gain prosperity, but as more and more workers are threatened by non-communicable (NCD) diseases

What can we do in order to gain a sound and healthy work force

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