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Tappa Service AB is structured as a group and consists of 4 subsidiaries: (Sweden), (Norway), (Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland) and (Denmark)

Tappa-Group Organization


Tappa Service AB consists of corporate management, in-house programming and a marketing department. We are constantly developing and improving our health promoting products/services.We are also always on the lookout for new markets in which to advance.  

All of our subisidaries is fully operational with their own management, sales department, marketing department and support department. 


Our startups:

2005 –   Sweden (Tappa)
2007 -    Norway (Dytt) & Denmark (Friskop)
2008 -    Germany (Tappa)
2009 -    Netherlands (Stappa)
2010 -    Switzerland (Tappa)                     








Tappa service AB shareholders consist of:

David Johansson (Chairman) Share 38%
Pål Henrik Hagen (Board member) Share 26%
Rikard Nilsson (Board member) Share 19 %
Henner Hinrichsen (Board member) Share 17%