Tappa/Dytt Pro - Dashboard


The dashboards shows all your competitions, step progress, messages and articles

Tappa/Dytt Pro - My progress

My progress

In my progress you can see your daily step count and a step diagram that shows your step count combined per 3 hours.
This view also allow you to go back in time to review passed dates.

Tappa/Dytt Pro - Competition


Get a good overview of your competition. View your progress in the competition virtual map also your statistics, teams, department and toplist of the competition.

Tappa/Dytt Pro - Steps & activities

Add steps & activities

We have created a new special designed calendar that gives you a great overview of the month in a small format. Select date and view your reported steps and activities.
To report steps manually or activities click the "+" sign and select what you wish to report.

Tappa/Dytt Pro - Charts & statistics

Charts & statistics

Review yourseleft, your team or department in our new special views with different charts and statistics.
In the team view you can view the team in summary and also each of your team members.

Tappa/Dytt Pro - Team & departments

Team & departments

We have extended our team and departments view. The team can be created inside the app and you are also able to add and remove team members directly in the app.
The deparmtent view shows your department statistics and diagrams.