Terms and conditions for Tappa
Valid from 2018-05-24.

Your membership is personal and may not be transferred to or used by another person.

Tappa AB reserves the right to deny individual person membership of services from Tappa AB.

It is Tappa AB alone who decides who is granted membership.

You commit to:
Not to use services from Tappa AB for commercial interests such as sales of goods and services or giving instructions/tips about other sales outlets.

Not copy or use content from services such as Tappa AB without prior written permission from the company.

Not push propaganda for political or religious perceptions of services offered by Tappa AB.

Comply with laws and generally accepted ethical and moral values in services from Tappa AB.

Tappa AB's commitments and rights
Tappa AB is not responsible for other services linked from Tappa AB services. Tappa AB is not responsible for any advertisers' products or services.

Tappa AB's services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, Tappa AB does not provide any guarantees that the service is free of malfunctions or interruptions. In the event of a malfunction or interruption of the service, Tappa AB will be given the opportunity to rectify these within a reasonable time without any breach of contract.

Tappa AB also has the right to close the service to a reasonable extent for upgrades and service.

Tappa AB is not liable for damages incurred in connection with the use of Tappa AB services.

Information and advice from Tappa AB may not be used as compensation for advice from medical experts.

Tappa AB is entitled to whenever they wish to change the pricing of their services and products.

Tappa AB is responsible for publishing drawing lists or links to drawing lists for sub-goals and final goals on the website. It is the participant's responsibility to search through the draw lists and follow the instructions on how to proceed to get their prizes delivered. The participant should contact Tappa AB max 30 days after completion of the challenge in order to get his or her prize delivered.

Any claims on payments to Tappa AB on the page www.tappa.se are treated in accordance with “Distans- och hemförsäljningslagen 2005:59” (https://www.riksdagen.se/sv/Dokument-Lagar/Lagar/Svenskforfattningssamling/Distans--och-hemforsaljningsla_sfs-2005-59/

Personal data
Personal data is processed in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, EU No. 2016/679). The data controller is Tappa AB. By registration, you consent to the processing of personal data by Tappa AB and other companies in the Tappa Group.

All processing of personal data is performed within the EU / EEA area and no transfer of personal data to third countries occurs in services from Tappa AB.

The user enters his/her personal data voluntarily when registering for services from Tappa AB via a registration form. These tasks are handled with automatic data processing. All data specified in the registration form by the user may be displayed in results lists (for example in top lists) for members of Tappa AB services (for example on the website and mobile app) and in any integration on, for example, an intranet if the customer wishes this. All data specified in the registration form by the user can also be exported to lists and sent to the client during the drawing of prizes or to display the final results when the challenge is over.

In addition to data collection via forms on our website and in our apps, activity data in the form of step data is automatically collected via our apps and through external interfaces with manufacturers of different activity gauges. Automatic collection of activity data occurs only after consent has been obtained from the user.

Further information about what data is collected and how it is used can be found in the Collected Personal Data document on our website.

Personal data is handled by an external supplier in connection with e-mail sending from Tappa AB.

Purposes of processing of personal data for Tappa AB:
To offer the services and functions of Tappa AB that the user registered for.

Being able to compile services that help the client to physically activate people and reduce sickness (for example reduce sick leave on a company).

Market services from Tappa AB.

Being able to analyze, create and develop services from Tappa AB.

Handling of personal data
Personal data is stored for a maximum of 5 years after the last registered activity of the user.

The user can contact Tappa AB at any time to:

Delete personal information that Tappa AB has stored about him/her.

Withhold your consent for storing personal data.

Review or modify incorrect personal information stored by Tappa AB.

It is possible to contact Tappa AB by telephone, email or in writing with inquiries about personal data. Current contact information is available at www.tappa.se. Tappa AB will then contact the person for verification of the requested action within 3 working days after Tappa AB has received the case. The user is entitled to complain about the processing of personal data at Datainspektionen in Sweden.

By registration, you agree that Tappa AB may send you newsletters with information and offers of services from Tappa AB in accordance with the Marketing Act, section 19, concerning undeclared advertising (https://www.riksdagen.se/sv/Dokument-Lagar/Lagar/Svenskforfattningssamling/sfs_sfs-2008-486/#Obeställd reklam).

Your email address will not be used by third parties. It is easy to unsubscribe (opt-out) via a link in the email. Email is handled and sent by an external provider.