Terms of use

Tappa Service AB, and its affiliates provides online and mobile services including but not limited to Tappa website (“www.tappa.se”, “www.dytt.no”,” www.tappaservice.com,” www.friskop.dk” “, “www.tappa.de”, “www.stappa.nl” and ”www.tappa.ch”) , widgets, computer programs and mobile applications hosted by Tappa AB intended to enhance the individuals physical activity.

This is a legal agreement between Tappa Service AB, and its affiliates, and you and governs your use of services from Tappa Service AB, and its affiliates.

By using this app you agree the following:

  • When the activity tracker is active it will collect information about your physical activity and store it on your phone and used by the app.
  • If you are logged in, the app will automatically syncronize this information into your user account on our servers.
  • The information stored is used to make enhanced programs, some in a competition form and some intended for you only.
  • Information will be synced from our servers down to the app.
  • For the app to work as aspected it must use internet connection.

Information that is stored on our servers if you login

  • The activity tracked by the activity tracker
  • If you enter manual activity or other information this will automatically be uploaded and saved on our servers